Club Membership Application Form
(Shell Retirees Only)
Terms and
You agree that you, the applicant, are a person, or the surviving spouse of any deceased person, who has retired from employment with any of the Shell Group of companies after service for a number of years sufficient to qualify for a company pension. You also agree to pay a one-time membership fee of $5.00 CDN to the Shell Oiltimers Club (Alberta) (see below for details).

If your spouse is also a Shell retiree, only one payment is required and both you and your spouse will be considered voting members. However, the applicant will be considered the primary member and Club correspondence will only be sent to him or her.
Active membership requires that you provide and maintain a current email address with us - email and this website are the primary means the Club stays in contact with members. If you don't have an email address, you can obtain one for free at Gmail or Hotmail.
You agree to provide the Club with future personal information changes promptly by using the Personal Information Update form at the Member Information page in the Member Services area. YOU MUST KEEP YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS UP TO DATE TO KEEP YOUR MEMBERSHIP ACTIVE!
Your privacy will be respected, and you agree to protect the personal information of other Club Members published by the Club by not distributing it to non-Members.
Submission Details: All fields with red labels below are mandatory - fields with blue labels should only be completed if they apply to you!
You must use PayPal to send your payment of the one-time membership fee of $5.00 CDN to us. Your application will not be processed until this payment is made!

After hitting the "Submit Request" button on the form below, you will be redirected to our payment page which will then send you to PayPal to make the payment.
PayPal is fully secure, with over 100 million user accounts. If you do not have a PayPal account you can sign up for one (free), or just use any major credit or Visa debit card for a one-time payment. if you are having a problem with your payment and require assistance, please let us know using the Contact Us form.

If you do not complete the payment immediately after submitting this application form, you can revisit this form later and then go to the PayPal payment page by Clicking Here.

  Application Form
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Street Address:
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EMail Address: [Be sure this address is correct]
Check this box if you do NOT wish your postal
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The Club will provide the above information (excluding your mailing
 and/or email address if you have elected above to have these withheld)
 ONLY to other Club Members and associated Shell retiree clubs.

After hitting Submit Request, it may take up to 30 seconds to process.
Please wait for it to complete and do not hit the button again!

After successful submission and payment of the fee, you will be notified
 by email of acceptance and instructions on how to access the
 Member Services area.
Please be aware that processing 
your submission and notification may take several days.


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